Statutory benefits

Top-quality medical care

As an insurance holder with BERGISCHE Health Insurance, you benefit at all times from the legally required services you’re entitled to as part of high-quality basic medical care:

  • to prevent illness or stop it from progressing further
  • to record health risks and detect diseases at an early stage
  • to treat illness
  • in the case of pregnancy and post-partum care
  • for contraception
  • in the case of abortion or sterilisation
  • within a personal budget in accordance with Section 29 of the German Social Security Code (SGB) Book IX.

Insured persons are also entitled to medical rehabilitation benefits and to maintenance and other supplementary benefits that are necessary to avert, eliminate, reduce, compensate for, prevent the aggravation of or mitigate the consequences of a disability or need for long-term care. The statutory benefits are the same for every person who is insured by a statutory health insurance provider. Our voluntary benefits and bonus programme, on the other hand, can be designed to suit your individual needs. This is what makes BERGISCHE the best choice for you when it comes to health insurance.

Doctors and pharmacists bill the health insurance fund directly for basic medical care via the health insurance card (eGK). This means you usually won’t have to pay a bill for your visit to the doctor. And you’ll only pay a small co-pay for any necessary medications. If your doctor or dentist offers you additional services on account, please be sure to discuss this with us before the respective treatment.